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Broseley, Shropshire - A small, picturesque village with more pubs than most towns, and not much else. The sort of place where fighting in the street between the locals is still a regular fixture on the weekend activity list. In a rural environment like this, an interest in something creative is definitely essential as a means of escape. Four friends that had grown up sharing a passion for Heavy Metal formed WARHAMMER in late 1984. A common interest in the more extreme sounds happening on the overseas metal underground at the time gave the inspiration to form a band that was to be unique for the UK. It is a fact that WARHAMMER were the first death metal band in this country.
The main intention of the band was to create savagely extreme metal with lyrics that dealt with the darker side of life. A combination of speed and brutality with a touch of the macabre! Although none of the band had a deep interest in Satanism, the lyrics to many of the songs would feature references to the occult. Some of the titles were quite blatant. "Satan's Angel", "Blood On Satan's Claw", "Christian Slaughter" and "Malevolent Sinner" were prime examples. The track featured here on this compilation is another example of this. Although the lack of any sort of production is evident on this recording (the engineer was dumbstruck!), there is a resounding passion that shines through. It may also be of interest to note that the average age within the band was 18.
For various reasons that are now blurred by the mists of time, the band only lasted for just over a year and a half. In this short space of time though, the band generated a respectable following on the international underground. During April 1986 the band even reached number one on the playlist of WBCR radio, New York. METALLICA's "Master Of Puppets" was at number two! The DJ was none other than legendary scenester and past and present Kerrang contributor Don Kaye. Subsequently, a short while after this quite unexpected achievement, the band went their separate ways…
Thanks to Mitch Dickinson for the biography notes.

Warhammer - Halloween
Taken from the "Abattoir Of Death" demo. Recorded 30/11/85

Line up:
Mike Craddock - Bass and Vocals
Wayne Aston - Guitar
Mitch Dickinson - Guitar
Shane Embury - Drums

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биография Warhammer, biographia Warhammer
дискография Warhammer, discographia Warhammer
состав Warhammer, band members Warhammer

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